Big Bang’s G-Dragon Models for Women’s Handbags.

Going against the norm, Big Bang’s G-Dragon became a fabulous model for women’s purposes.

With the theme of ‘Beyond Icon’ for its 2014 advertisement campaign, J.Estina held a photo shoot with G-Dragon for its handbag line.

Photos for the campaign were revealed on January 14, showing G-Dragon with the J.Estina handbags that received much love as a fashion style icon worldwide.

As someone who has received many lovecalls from fashion brands all around the world with acknowledgement of famous designers, G-Dragon took the new challenge of J.Estina Handbags and signaled a change, all the while, raising anticipation of his leap over as global style icon.

In the release teaser cut, G-Dragon creatively modeled the tiara quilted chain bag and the tiara clutch, as well as other handbags in J.Estina’s 2014 SS New line in his own style.

G-Dragon has fearlessly worn women’s clothes, expressing his style better than some female models. With J.Estina Handbags, G-Dragon sent a message that he was challenging himself to become a global fashion icon in the women’s world of fashion.

Beginning with the teaser on January 14, J.Estina Handbags will start revealing its advertisements for the campaign in the coming days.

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